Unbelievable and yet true: the second episode of my little tailoring escapade is actually up! As you might remember, after making my Francine Jacket, I had precious little left over fabric but the idea of a short-trousered suit had tickled my fancy and I could not let it go.  I spent quite some time looking... Continue Reading →


FOREWORD I have a terrible, terrible backlog.  And I use the word terrible with utmost intent, as my backlog is (and I’m quoting the Thesaurus) 1. distressing and severe; 2. horrible and/or extremely bad; 3. exciting terror and, lastly, 4. formidably great.  I realised now some time ago that I have many, many more completed and undocumented projects than the ones that... Continue Reading →


I’VE MADE IT TO THE MINERVA MAKERS TEAM! There – it’s out. Phew! Keeping this piece of news in the past few weeks has felt very much like trying not to laugh out loud in public. You can read my first post, about my beloved Fifi Pyjamas, here. So many of my sewing crushes blog... Continue Reading →


I don't know you, but I absolutely love wearing long skirts. Midi, Ballerina, Maxi... I love them all. Recently I'm all about ballerina length, because ankles my dear friends, even in 2019, are sexy. Embellished with a button down fastening, or wraps, or slits they also are an extremely playful take on modesty. Granted, there... Continue Reading →


Better late than never! Almost out of season, but ere’s a quick review of my Swimwear Making Workshop at the Threadworks studio, in Clerkenwell (London). The space itself is a lovely space with huge windows and fantastic high ceilings. I immediately fell in love with the little library nestled ni a huge shelf packed with... Continue Reading →


One of the very interesting phenomenon of the sewing world is the amount of independent businesses that it harbours. From online fabric retailers, whose catalogues mirrors the taste and personality of the shop owner (Like Sew Amazing and Sew Me Sunshine are the first that come to mind), the incredibly creative Pink Coat Club with… Continue Reading →

Shirtmaking adventures – episode one

I can't really remember a time when I wasn't inconsistent . Ironically, it's been the one consistent trait in my personality. It's really no surprise that blogging has also fallen victim to my chronic inconsistency. In an attempt to write a bit more regularly, I have made the commitment to blog about all the projects... Continue Reading →

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