At one point of any maker’s life it will come a time when you see yourself creating something you would have never thought belonged to you.

Something so unusually other, so spectacularly out of your own sense of style and design that every step of the way you will be asking yourself “why”.

Yet, at every turn, the silence that comes from not finding an answer is filling with the excitement of seeing it becoming, the deep conviction that it is going to be brilliant.

This jacket is mine.

Off centre shot of Giorgia caught in the middle of performing a a wave dance, wearing denim blue jeans, a white top and over it a ridiculously largely sleeved bomber jacket in a deep claret colour.

More overly exposed evidence of this stunner is up on the stellar new Minerva website, with details of its inception, perilous development and spectacular birth.


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  1. Oh my, this is a coincidence. I was thinking about you this afternoon and thought I’d check up on you, firstly because I’ve been missing your blog and was starting to worry if all was OK, and secondly because I was going to check out your cowl post again to see if the project might now be within my capabilities (since i’ve been practicing). So imagine my wonder at seeing your post in my inbox which confirms you’re not only well but you’ve produced another masterpiece, and an original at that! Hope all is ok and that we’ll get to catch up soonish.

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    1. Not exactly original, this is a pattern! But thanks 🙂 and yes, it has been too long!

      I thought I had linked the post! Does this work?

      As for the cowl I admit the pattern was a bit confusing at first, but quite easy once you get the hang of it! I would suggest making it wider though… it was very tall but fairly narrow tube (i have since had a chance to try it on again 😉 )

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